How Automatic Waterers Can Save You Money

With the price of grain going up and the prices of feed getting higher, is there ever a thought in your mind as to how you can possibly save some money while tending to your livestock? Well we have an answer for you that will save you some money and is really a safer choice when it comes to feeding and caring for your livestock. Energy free automatic waterers are just what you need.

If you sit down and take a good look at the costs of running your own business and keeping the livestock healthy, you cannot forget to add the charges of electricity. It is one thing that many farmers forget to add when they are looking at the bottom line of profit or loss margins.

Well, now there is an easy way to cut back on all those costs. All you have to do is make a one time investment that will pay for itself in the next few years. The energy free automatic waterer is not only a way to save money on your energy bills but a methodology to make your business prosper as a whole.

With an energy free automatic waterer, you cannot help but to think of all the money you can save. There is no need to pay for the extra electric water heaters in the winter because most of these systems are thermal. What that means to you is no extra money to shell out. On the other side of the coin, what this means to your animals is nothing but good temperature drinking water even in the cold times. Having the thermal system in the cold is not the only thing the energy free automatic waterer can do, for it will also supply your cattle with cooler water in the hotter months.

Being thermally designed, these watering systems do not only save you on your energy costs but they can save you on vet costs too. You may wonder how this can be done so please let me explain. During summer, when the sun is always beating down on your animals’ water supply, it starts to grow algae. This algae attracts insects, which attract disease and bacteria. In the end, who end up paying the vet bills because their cattle or other livestock have come into contact with sickness? You are the one that will pay and you know that vet costs is not that cheap especially when they have to come out and treat your herd personally.

The best way to start saving money now is by using the energy free automatic waterers and you will really see the savings right away.

Whether you have hogs to feed or cattle, there are many sizes available so it all depends on your livestock. If you have a smaller herd, there are smaller containers so there is really something to fit the need for any owner of any type of livestock whether it is a heard of thousands, hundreds, or just a few.

So don’t waste your money on the high cost of your watering system, look into the energy free automatic waterers so you can get on your way to saving money and having a healthier herd. After all you are in the business to make money so why not start now?

Teach Your Cat Good Scratching Habits – Pet Caskets

Here’s a great article helping your adult cat or kitten to develop good scratching habits – good for them and good for you!

The method is the same for any kitten/adult cat…have some fun with the process and bond with your special kitten/cat!

Place their sisal scratching post/furniture in an area they use the most; near their favorite sleeping place, or places they most like to rest and play are good spots.

DO NOT put their paws on the scratching post and force them to scratch; that will only confuse them. (Kittens are born knowing how to scratch; restraining your kitten/cat and then dragging their paws over the scratching post may be very unpleasant and may actually cause them to avoid the post.)

Imitate scratching by using your own fingers on the scratching post (scratching up and down the post to stimulate them to scratch); this often gives them the “right” idea about what they’re supposed to do.

DO encourage scratching on the post by playing with dangle-toys on or near the scratching post/furniture; dangle a peacock feather or any other enticing toy right next to the scratching post/furniture (or slowly drag it up the post) and as they go for the toy/feather and dig into the post, they’ll feel its irresistible texture. If that doesn’t work, you might try placing the scratching post/furniture on its side and enticing kitty by dangling the toy/feather all around it. As they jump on the post or paw at the toy/feather, they’ll discover the texture, and they may begin to scratch it at that point. Put the scratching post/furniture upright once kitty knows what it’s all about.

Cat furniture – especially the sisal scratching posts – may be scented with catnip or catnip spray but don’t overdo it, once a week is enough while training them to use it, then periodically as a treat after that (it’s easy for kittens to develop a resistance to the effects of catnip when they are exposed to it at a young age, so wait on that or use it sparingly with kittens). Use praise (lots of it) and food rewards when they scratch the post, so they associate the scratching post with a pleasant response.

Put their favorite food treats on some of the platforms to entice them to climb to higher levels.

Coax them over to the scratching post/furniture after their nap (most cats scratch immediately from waking while performing stretching exercises) and scratch the post with your fingers at a high point on the scratching post/furniture. Again, praise them profusely if they make scratching motions.

If they refuse to use the scratching post/furniture, try again later. NEVER force them to use it, as they may then associate it with something unpleasant. Remember, cats have a mind of their own and do not like being forced into anything. Be patient yet persistent when teaching your cats these new habits and eventually it will pay off. Imagine…scratch-free furnishings and a happier co-existence with your pet, it’s a win-win situation.

You’ll be able to tell if kitty is using the scratching post/furniture when you notice small, crescent-shaped nail sheaths at the base of the post(s).