Stop Puppy Biting Now

And now you’re thinking that getting that puppy is such a bad idea. But it’s too late; the kids are already attached to him. Don’t fret however, because puppy biting is such a common problem that can be halted by early training and proper discipline. Knowing the tricks and techniques in properly training your puppy can transform your new pet into a lovable, important part of the family.

Around 15 weeks old, a puppy starts to have nipping habits, preventing it while in the early stage is preferable.

Building Trust with Your Dog

First Always remember that your puppy will want to be rough. Expect this demeanor and prepare for it adequately. Pick out all the toys he gets excited about and reserve them for training later. At this point you might be tempted to play with your dog but hold back, you do not want to encourage any more rough behavior.

Second Keep a close watch on his age and habits. Tolerating biting and nipping behavior beyond 15 weeks of age will make your dog think that it is ok. This in turn will lead to destructive habits that will earn you ruined shoes and damaged furniture.

Third Consider that controlled shock training might be beneficial. A spray of water on his face whenever he starts to be aggressive and biting will send the message across, and effectively stop the nipping behavior.

Fourth Cease buying new accessories and designer dog toys. This will just fuel the over eagerness and excitement of your puppy. After training is over, you can reward your puppy with a new toy or a favorite treat. The key is moderation and timing.

Fifth It is important to use and issue a powerful command which will communicate to your puppy the dissatisfaction that you have. Your pet must be able to determine what is bad and what is acceptable. This command must not be similar in sound with your dog’s name because this would just confuse your dog even more.

In training your puppy, it is important to get your message across without scaring the poor chap. Firmness and dedication to teach your puppy are the essential factors in raising him well.