How to Keep Your Purebred Puppy Healthy

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a purebred puppy, you’ll definitely want to make sure it stays healthy and happy. With purebred puppies, you’ll generally have a good idea of the diseases and conditions that a particular breed is susceptible to and can plan ahead. Regardless of what type of purebred puppy you’ve purchased, the tips below will help you keep your puppy lively and well.

• Vaccinations for your Purebred Puppy

Your puppy will likely have received a large portion of its immunizations from its mother’s milk before you even bring it home! This will definitely provide a solid base for a healthy puppy, but you’ll want to make sure your puppy is up-to-date on all its vaccinations as it grows. A large portion of researchers agree that puppies should be given at least 3 combination vaccinations (which will be determined by your veterinarian) at first and then this should continue every 2-3 weeks while your puppy is very young. The last round of these vaccinations will be around 16 weeks, but your vet can definitely give you a more definite answer.

• Vet Visits

Regular veterinary visits are essential to keeping your purebred puppy healthy. Its best practice to take your puppy to the vet on a yearly basis whether it’s sick or not in order to maintain its healthy lifestyle. Make sure you find a vet that you trust and who your puppy feels comfortable around. Ask around or consult your breeder for potential vets/clinics in your area.

• Ongoing Health

There are many things purebred puppy owners can do in between vaccinations and vet visits in order to keep their puppy healthy. Food and exercise are a large part of that equation. There is a huge difference between cheap dog food and high quality dog food that provides the vitamins and minerals they need to remain healthy and fight off disease. Checking for fleas and buying over the counter meds is something else you can do to keep your puppy healthy, as it’s likely to be around other dogs and could potentially pick these things up.

The above tips are just some of the many ways to go about keeping your purebred puppy healthy. After all, now that you’ve made the decision to bring home another addition to your family, you’ll definitely want it to be happy and healthy!